Riding school

Riding school
Distance: 6 km
MIRAZSKID Lovarda és Lovasiskola riding school website

MIRAZSKID Lovarda és Lovasiskola riding school

For horse lovers and horseback riding, there is the MIRAZSKID (MIRAZSKID Lovarda és Lovasiskola) horseback riding school in Cegled, Hungary. Not only experienced riders, but also beginners and amateurs can study here.

At MIRAZSKID you can learn all about horses! Qualified trainers and friendly animals are ready to welcome you. You can arrange it by appointment:

  • horseback riding training;
  • active entertainment for children;
  • riding your own horse in the MIRAZSKID hall;
  • birthday parties, etc;
  • group trips and trainings.

Every month MIRAZSKID organizes a set of children to equestrian camp.

MIRAZSKID riding school regularly holds various events for guests and regular riders.

Horseback riding is no longer just a sport or entertainment for a long time. Hippotherapy or horseback riding treatment has rightfully occupied a significant place among alternative methods of treatment of many ailments and rehabilitation after traumas of various degrees of severity. For many years now, scientists have been conducting research, the results of which prove the effectiveness of horse training for humans. Horse training is particularly useful for children.

Horseback riding, communication and horse training are used to improve the psychological and physical condition of horses, as well as to treat the following pathological conditions:

  • impaired motor skills;
  • sense organ damage;
  • neurological and psychological disorders.

Treatment with horses is especially useful for children with autism, hyperexcitability, isolation, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome and spinal cord injuries. Doctors often point out that children with such disorders sharply begin to recover after classes with horses. In this case, the child does not have to learn to ride at once, to begin with, it may be enough just to sit on a horse or hug her by the neck.

Of course, communication with horses and horseback riding is also very useful for the health of the children. This class has a lot of advantages, among which:

  1. Improved posture and coordination.
  2. Improved blood circulation.
  3. Strengthening the muscular framework.
  4. Development of fine motor skills.
  5. Endurance training.
  6. Respiratory gymnastics through outdoor exercise.
  7. Training care and responsibility.
  8. New tactile sensations.
  9. Development of interest in the world around us.

Regular horse riding exercises have a beneficial effect on the mentality and physical health of any person - be it a child or an adult. Communication with horses gives a huge charge of positive emotions and helps to effectively deal with stress.