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Opening of the season: 15 March
Range: 2,300 m
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Hármas Tó Cegléd Fishing Centre in Cegled (Hungary)

It's hard to find a man who hasn't been standing by the water with a rod in his hand waiting for cool. Sports excitement that wakes up in your soul when you feel a slight twitch of a fishing rod or float, quickly becomes a feeling that you want to experience again and again. So if you once fell in love with fishing - it is forever!

Hármas Tó Cegléd is a vast fishing centre consisting of a complex of lakes rich in fish of all kinds. Located a short distance from the Thermal Village Cegled, these fishing grounds allow you to escape from the tranquillity and relaxation of the thermal springs and fun of the water park. Quiet fishermen spend a lot of time every season at Hármas Tó Cegléd and enjoy a few hours of quiet fishing. Fishing on these lakes has become a favourite pastime for many tourists visiting Cegled. It is worth noting that Hármas Tó Cegléd not only positions itself as a fishing centre, but also as a place where you can have a good time with your family or friends.

In the lakes you can catch the following fish species:

  1. Carp
  2. Cupid
  3. A bream
  4. Caras
  5. Gray catfish
  6. Sudak
  7. A pike
  8. African catfish
Hármas Tó Cegléd's largest daily catch of guests: 76.4 kg
The largest fish caught in Hármas Tó Cegléd: 9.65 kg

Hármas Tó Cegléd offers its clients several options for relaxation - sport fishing without carrying away the caught fish, and fishing, after which the catch can be taken with you. You can cook your catch in your kitchen or grill in Thermal Village Cegled.

Guests receive 2 rods, with 2 hooks.

A ticket for 12 hours of sport fishing costs 6 euros.

A half-day fishing ticket from 13:00 to sunset costs 3 euros.

Ticket for 12 hours of fishing with carrying away 3 kg of carp or 2 kg of African catfish with 2 kg of different fish species (bream, carp) costs 12 euros. You should inform in advance about your wish to pick up the catch.

You can make a campfire in specially designated places of the fishing base.

If you arrive by private car, bicycle or motorcycle, you can leave your vehicle in the parking lot of the fishing centre.

All Thermal Village Cegled guests will receive a 10% discount on their ticket to the Hármas Tó Cegléd fishing centre!


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