Opening of the season: May 1
Closing of the season: 30 October
Range: 500 m

FIREBALL PAINTBALL paintball court in Cegled, Hungary

Paintball is a relatively new kind of teamwork entertainment. The game involves shooting balloons with paint from special pneumatic guns - markers. The balls consist of harmless food paint in a gelatin casing, they break and paint the surface when they come into sharp contact with it. Another mandatory attribute of paintball is the mask, which the player must wear on the paintball court.

Paintball quickly became popular, children, adults, men and women loved to play it. It's a great way to get away from everyday life, where you don't usually have to run away, hide and try to get into the enemy from a weapon, even if it's safe.

Playing paintball on a professional court is not only fun and interesting, but also safe.

FIREBALL PAINTBALL - площадка для пейнтбола Цеглед Венгрия

You can have a great time on the paintball court not only with friends or family, but also with colleagues who need to establish informal communication, learn how to act in one team, follow the instructions of the leader, solve tactical and strategic problems. You can also play with partners, business clients, sponsors and suppliers. And comfortable accommodation will be provided by Thermal Village Cegled, located just 500 meters from FIREBALL PAINTBALL.

The FIREBALL PAINTBALL paintball court, built by Cegled, is a favourite place for the city's guests. It was founded in 2005, and since then the employees and organizers of the games have gained a lot of experience, the track is constantly being updated and becomes more colorful and interesting. In addition to natural obstacles and shelters in the form of trees and shrubs, there are also artificial ones: wooden and brick buildings and shields. For the game you can use any scenario - ready or own.

FIREBALL PAINTBALL does not limit players' time and provides full equipment:

  • marker
  • shop
  • bullets
  • garments
  • mask
  • hat
  • gloves

Service includes both cleaning of clothes and service of weapons.

Minimum number of players: 6
The cost per person is: 18 euros
If there are more than 10 people on the team, then
the value for one person is going to be:
12 euros
Initially the players get it: 200 rounds
Cost of additional 100 rounds: 4 euros

All guests of Thermal Village Cegled will receive 50 bullets as a gift!


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